Once your disease has been stabilised you will be placed in a maintenance programme which is conducted by or hygiene department. A Periodontist will still be involved in your care but most of the maintenance programme is conducted by our highly experienced Hygienists. As gum disease tends to recur maintenance therapy is an important part of treatment and stopping periodontal (gum) disease from progressing.

At your maintenance visit the dental practitioner will assess and monitor the health or your gums, and review oral hygiene techniques. This may include refining the way you brush your teeth and instruction in how to use floss and interdental brushes. Also any plaque, calculus or staining that has occurred will be removed. These appointments usually take around 45 minutes.

After your maintenance visit and once the disease process has been stabilised.

  • Your mouth will look and feel healthier
  • Gum tissues become pink and firmer
  • Bad breath and bleeding gums will improve
  • Your teeth will look and feel smooth and clean
  • You will have a better chance of keeping your teeth