Abstract_5Dental Implants need to be looked after just like your natural teeth.

Dental implants are being used as an option more frequently for long term tooth replacement. They give the look, feel and function you had with natural teeth. Just like your natural teeth implants require regular maintenance care to ensure tissues surrounding the implant remain healthy.

Just like your teeth dental implants and the prosthesis must be thoroughly cleaned a minimum of twice a day with your natural teeth. Your Periodontist or Hygienist will have shown you how this should be done and may involve the use of an electric toothbrush (this practice recommends Oral B pro 1000), End-Tuft brush, interdental’s or floss.

It is important to clean your implant supported teeth above and below the gum line and in-between your neighbouring teeth. Keeping all appointments for review and periodontal maintenance is paramount to helping maintain the health and longevity of dental implants.

If you have difficulty cleaning around the implant or notice that the gums surrounding the fixture are red, bleeding or swollen please make an appointment as soon as possible to see one of our hygienists.